BAALYAA Senior Secondary School

....a gateway to enlightened learning and success

What should education provide? “BAALYAA” has developed its education methodology that  addresses its vision and aims. What BAALYAA terms is RECOSAAW System : a teacher –taught relationship within modern educational technology initiatives.

“BAALYAA “Education And Academics

Awareness: Experience ,acquire and interest, recognise broad parameters, attend , perceive.


Exploration: Observe, Explore materials, Collect information, Discover, Represent figure out components, construct own understanding, Apply own rules, Create personal meaning.


Inquiry: Examine, investigate, propose explanations, Focus, compare own thoughts with others, Generalise, Relate to prior learning, Adjust to conventional rule systems.


Utilisation: Use learning in many ways, Represent learning in various ways, Learning becomes functional, Apply to new situations, Form new hypotheses and repeat cycles.



BAALYAA emphasizes on:


Active, hands-on learning-project based and thematic learning .


Concept learning with acquisition of basic skills.

Meaningful, relevant learning experience through role plays.


Interactive teaching and co-operative learning.

A broad range of relevant content, integrated across traditional subject  matter divisions.





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Education Methodology

Curriculum Framework

Nursery( Play Group): (Age: 2 years) Play way learning.


Pre-KG:(2.5 years) is the time to discover a new space full of opportunities, to learn the spoken language, practical and sensorial activities and basics of etiquette and interpersonal relationship.


L.K.G: (3 Years) is the time to lay the foundations for reading, writing and arithmetic.

U.K.G: (4 years) is the time to improve handwriting and the ability of reading, counting and comprehension .


Level A Primary (5.years and above- Standard I to III ) Scholastic and co- scholastic combine

Level B Primary (8 years and above)-Standard IV-V) Scholastic and co- scholastic combine

Level C Middle  (10 years and above) Standard VI-VIII)  Scholastic and co- scholastic combine

Secondary/Senior Secondary (14 years by March 31)- Scholastic and co- scholastic combine and vocational

Class Catalogue

Scholastic: Subjects like  English-I language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer education and any II language (Tamil/Hindi/Sanskrit)


Co-Scholastic: Subjects like Arts skills, drawing, painting, coloring, hygiene, health and physical education, dance, music-Indian and western and out-door games

Academic Programme

The school is accredited both to State Board of elementary education from LKG - V standard and National Open Board of Central Education -NIOS from I to VIII standard following NCERT curriculum. For IX to XII schooling is facilitated with NCERT syllabus under National Open Board of Central Education - NIOS. The NCERT curriculum has Central pattern with Montessori practices and   project oriented methodologies designed into the system in primary level and Middle School.

From VI, the academic format is oriented towards competitive examination.

*English (Communication) and as language is compulsory

Level A Primary (I –III std.): English ,Hindi &Tamil, EVS, Mathematics, Art& Craft, Sensorial

Level B Primary (IV-V std.): English, Hindi & Tamil, Social Science, Science ,Mathematics, Computer Science/Data Entry, Arts & Craft, value education, General Studies, project work, Life skills, Laboratory Work, General Vocation

Level C Middle (VI-VIII std.):English, Hindi & Tamil, Sanskrit,Social Science, Science ,Mathematics, Computer Science/Data Entry, Arts & Craft, Painting, value education, General studies, project work, Life skills, laboratory Work, General Vocation

Secondary: English (Compulsory), Hindi/Tamil (optional), Mathematics, Social Science, Science & Technology, Data Entry, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics ,Sanskrit (Minimum 5 subjects and maximum 7 subjects can be chosen which includes one language), Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry, Computers)

Senior Secondary:

(i) Engineering Stream-English (Compulsory), Hindi/Tamil (optional), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy, Data Entry, Computer Science, Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry)

(ii) Medical stream -English (Compulsory), Hindi/Tamil (optional), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry ,Biology ,Accountancy, Data Entry, Computer Science, Sanskrit ,Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science)

(iii) Commerce Stream-English (Compulsory), Hindi/Tamil (optional), Commerce/Business Studies, library  and information Science, Mass Communication, Accountancy, Environmental Science

(Minimum 5 subjects and maximum 7 subjects can be chosen which includes one language )



Comprehensive Evaluation System

The school follows a well designed comprehensive evaluation system to assess the  scholastic and co--scholastic performance of the pupil. Formative and summative assessment is done with due weight through internal assessments.

Teaching Innovation

BAALYAA has developed an innovative teaching methodology using sensorial for character teaching of the children. A unique approach of differentiation and Integration of concepts (RECOSAAW (Read, Comprehend, Speak, Assimilate, Apply and Write Methodology) through teaching is adopted to give a wide perspective of the subjects.

School Handbook

BAALYAA school handbook is  provided which states about the policies and ethics of the school.

Parents –Teachers Meet

Every Second Saturday of the month, there is Parents –Teachers meet.