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Yes," what we what we do” and BAALYAA has been in the news since its inception.


BAALYAA Senior Secondary School (BSSS) was accorded first cut recognition, for its social initiative in character teaching programme through its innovative education methodology, by the project Management Institute, India…..


BAALYAA Education And Training Center (BETC) trained teachers have found to be well placed in various schools…...


Mrs. Rama , Principal of “BAALYAA” , got overall competence award from the IT Minister of Government Of Tamilnadu…….


BAALYAA  Senior Secondary School upgraded from primary to Middle/Secondary /Senior Secondary standard.

Inauguration  of senior secondary block on 19.12.2014…….


All classrooms CCTV covered and having computer based big screens…….


BAALYAA has its own domain name as “”


BAALYAA goes “Green”-Solar power run school.


BAALYAA Senior Secondary school certified as most Hygienic and sanitized school. This is along with its Nursery, Primary  Arm of the School


State Government commends the quality of education


100% pass in Central Board Examination in the very first batch in X Students, Students of science stream get distinction,

Middle  and Sr. Secondary gets EMIS accreditation…...

……………………….and there are many more news

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