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Provide a mandated curriculum offering balance and depth- personalisation and choice which challenges, motivates and actively engages all children, a balance of interdisciplinary and discrete teaching and learning experiences in exciting contexts, including outdoor learning and promote creative and independent thinking, including opportunities to work collaboratively and independently.

Successful learners

Encourage  children to develop self respect, self awareness, independence and ambition in a safe and caring environment. Equip  children with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Help children develop the confidence to communicate their own beliefs and views. Encourage  children to develop life and work skills, including assessing risk

Confident Individuals

Encourage children to show respect for others by developing their knowledge and understanding of the world, including different beliefs and cultural diversity. Provide opportunities to discuss and evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues. Help children make informed choices and decisions

Responsible Citizens

Ensure children can communicate effectively in a range of different settings. Provide opportunities to develop enterprising attitudes.

Encourage  children to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in a range of contexts. Help children to develop team/partnership skills, encouraging them to take the initiative and lead and demonstrate flexibility when necessary.

Effective Contributors

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                       BAALYAA Senior Secondary School

BAALYAA Senior Secondary School aims to reflect  curriculum, coupled with Cultural and Environmental , Creative and Enterprising  and Vocational Experiences ,Health and Well-Being, relevance and coherence. .