BAALYAA Education And Training Center (BETC)


The  teachers should be specially trained for an environment  in the growth and development of the student with the  motto “Come let us live for the children”. We believe in the importance of qualification and in order to stay qualified, one needs to continue learning all the time. We believe in the ethical standards as well as  scientific. BETC conducts continuous education programmes for its teachers in new education methodologies  and to stay current in knowledge and also external training programmes for aspiring teacher candidates with dissertation in “BAALYAA SSS” .

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…..Continuous Learning  to stay Qualified….

Key Subjects and dissertation


> Child psychology and early child development education

> Inclusive Education

> Classroom Management

> School and Society

> Technology in teaching and learning

> Assessments and evaluation procedure

> Parents role in child development

> Dealing with dyslexia

> Education environment and way of teaching

> Leadership skills

> Communication

> Dissertation

Teacher Training Certificate course for aspiring teachers

The Education Centre imparts education imbibing  Montessori and Kindergarten systems of learning .The curriculum consists of theory  and practice with one month internship  in BAALYAA School. Individual conferences with the faculty are held to help the participants to share their view outside of the class and the participants  is offered every kind of assistance to help cope with the course. Personal growth programmes are offered as a part of regular curriculum. Through the sharing of insight with the other students and the faculty you will learn to solve problems, examine and redefine values. This is a twelve months certificate course


Admission Requirements

We look for applicants who are open mind ,committed to Child education and prepared to take up rigorous programme. The applicant should have a minimum of senior secondary school leaving certificate with proficiency in written and spoken English, with or without prior experience in teaching, administration and other human service fields.





· Provide training programmes for teachers to work with pupil of age of 3 to 6 years, help in setting up Montessori and kindergarten environments, create awareness of kindergarten and Montessori philosophy and methods.

· Bring about a collaborative relationship between parents and teachers and organize parental skills workshops.

· Offer training programmes and workshops for working teachers  for D.El.Ed programme of Ministry of Education and aspiring teachers to help understand students’ development, enhance their skills and enrich their classrooms and create experiential learning centers for students. Help teachers to form clear methodology to take into the classroom and help them realize the potentials of process of learning and focus on it rather than on end result.

· Organize student centered programmes for the students.

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I have no words to thank you for the joy and contentment  my career is giving me.            "D.El.Ed programme”