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IOU :Inquiry, Observation, Utilization

Inquiry: Reading and Writing with Focus, investigating and Logically Explaning.

Observation: Collecting of Information, Analyzing ,Discovering and Comprehending.

Utilization: Using learning in different ways , applying knowledge in different functional situations.








Active, hands-on learning-project based and thematic learning .

Concept learning with acquisition of basic skills.

Meaningful, relevant learning experience through role plays.

Interactive teaching and co-operative learning.

A broad range of relevant content, integrated across traditional subject  matter divisions.


Scholastic: Subjects like  English-I language, EVS, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer education and any II language (Tamil/Hindi/Sanskrit)


Co-Scholastic: Subjects like Arts skills, drawing, painting, coloring, hygiene, health and physical education, dance, music-Indian and western and out-door games

Curriculum Framework

Nursery( Play Group): (Age: 2 years) Play way learning.

Pre-KG:(2.5 years) is the time to discover a new space full of opportunities, to learn the spoken language, practical and sensorial activities and basics of etiquette and interpersonal relationship.

L.K.G: (3 Years) is the time to lay the foundations for reading, writing and arithmetic.

U.K.G: (4 years) is the time to improve handwriting and the ability of reading, counting and comprehension .

Level A Primary (5.years and above- Standard I to III ) Scholastic and co- scholastic combine

Level B Primary (8 years and above)-Standard IV-V) Scholastic and co- scholastic combine

Level C Middle  (10 years and above) Standard VI-VIII)  Scholastic and co- scholastic combine

Secondary/Senior Secondary (14 years by March 31)- Scholastic and co- scholastic combine and vocational.

Class Catalogue

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